Chiropractic in Beverly Hills Neck Shoulder Back Hand Wrist Pain Relief in Los Angeles

Neck Shoulder Back Pain Relief is Los Angeles

Dr. Richard Stewart's office of Chiropractic in Beverly Hills conveniently located on the corner of Wilshire and Almont.  Back pain relief is just a short distance away. 

All practicing Chiropractors in the state of California whether it is family care, sports Chiropractic, or a Chiropractic wellness center, must possess a valid California Chiropractic license. 

New Patients

All new patients receive a complementary consult with Dr. Stewart to establish a personalized care plan.

Call:  (310) 562-5524 for scheduling.

Let Dr. Richard Stewart Chiropractic in Beverly Hills Relieve your Neck Shoulder Back Pain. 

Dr. Stewart's simple premise: Each patient is an individual and proper care must be adjusted to that individual's needs and goals. Improved long term health and increased quality of life is what my treatments hope to attain. 

Dr. Richard Stewart Chiropractic

One word will describe my experience with Dr. Stewart, AMAZING. I pulled a muscle in my lower back while doing squats. Read full review.  

- Bill B Ca. 


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 Common Conditions

        Neck, Middle, and Low Back Pain

        Sports injuries


        Elbow (epicondyle pain)

        Muscle pain/spasm/trigger points

        Shoulder Pain 

        Pregnancy induced low back pain

        Herniated discs 



        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

        Muscoskeletal Disorders

        Sprains / Strains

        Repetitive Motion Disorders


        Hand Wrist 


We accept most public and private insurance plans. PPO and HMO.  

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Dr. Richard Stewart

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